Attend the Northeast Texas Classic Car Show in Paris, TX

June 5th, 2017 by

If you can only attend one event in Texas this year, make it the Northeast Texas Classic Car Show in Paris on June 10th. This is the show’s tenth year, and you could say it’s back by popular demand. With stuff for the kids, cool cars, trophies, and lots more, it’s a day packed with family fun.

The Cars

Sure, you might send junior over to play on an inflatable slide, but you’re there for the cars, and this event won’t disappoint. It’s open to both standard classic car and truck classes and specialty classes. When you walk around, you just might see a pony car from the 1950s or a street rod. People are even encouraged to bring their replicas to the show.

Here’s some good news, too. You don’t want to be stuck looking at the types of cars that are often found at these shows. For instance, while people can bring their convertibles to the show, they can’t show off their Corvettes. The same is true for Mustangs in the pony car category. When you see a sign for pony cars, it’s usually filled with Mustangs, and that can get old after a while.

Crowning the Winner

Let’s be honest for a second. Looking at cars is cool, but it’s really about crowning a winner. You want to know who is going to take home the trophy. The organizers don’t skimp when it comes to handing out awards. There will be 66 special trophies and 74 class trophies. That means that there will be a winner for every vehicle type.

More Than a Show

The show is going to be the main event, but it’s just a slice of what you will get. There will also be vendors that will have all of the food and drinks you could possibly want. More important than that, though, there will be a cruise around the town. Grab a spot so you can see the cool cars cruise by. This will prove that they are more than just showpieces. These cars are actually working pieces of machinery.

There will also be a 50s/60s party on June 9 at the Love Civic Center. What better way to celebrate old cars than dressing and partying like it’s the 50s or 60s? It will be like your high school dance all over again. Well, that, or like your parent’s high school dance. Either way, it will be fun.

This car show will be a great blast from the past, but sometimes, you want to stick with the present. Look at the old cars at the show, but then cruise over to Toyota of Mt. Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and pick up a new one. Your new car will remind you how much you love the features of today.

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