The Best Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day in Mt. Pleasant

April 9th, 2017 by

National Siblings Day takes place on April 10. Take the time to show your sibling how much you care by spending the day out on the town in Mt. Pleasant. There are lots of fun ways you can celebrate the special day with your brother or sister.

Go Out for a Sweet Treat

You have been through a lot with your sibling. You can relive all of those memories in a sweet way at Sweet Shop USA. This sweet shop specializes in delicious handmade chocolates. The shop makes over 100 varieties of the sweet stuff, and you can try them out when you visit with your sibling. Consider bringing some extra money along to get your sibling a sweet gift, as well. Who wouldn’t love a box of chocolates?

Take in a Movie

Keep the day going by taking in a movie at the Mt. Pleasant Cinema 6. The theater plays the top movies on the big screen, so you and your sibling can watch a blockbuster without leaving town. Don’t forget to bring your popcorn money with you. You might have loaded up on sweet treats earlier in the day, but there is always enough room in your stomach for some popcorn.

Talk and Caffeinate at Jo’s – Downtown

Movies are great, but you also need to spend some time talking to your sibling. You can do just that at Jo’s – Downtown. Grab a cup of the hot stuff, sit at a table, and let the memories fly. The caffeine jolt will help you keep the stories flowing for hours. Jo’s also has live music, so the strum of the guitar can fill any gaps in the conversation.

You can add one more item to the list for National Siblings Day. Visit Toyota of Mt. Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and let your sibling help you pick out a new or used Toyota. Then, your vehicle will always be special. You can even use it to pick your brother or sister up for next year’s National Siblings Day.

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