Plan on Spending a Day at Efurd Orchards

April 11th, 2017 by

Winter has finally given way to spring, which means that Efurd Orchards is open for business once again. It closes in November and reopens in April, just in time to serve up fresh fruit and more under the sunshine. This orchard is a popular place to visit in Texas. It has quite a bit to offer residents, ranging from fresh fruit to sweet treats.

What to Expect

Since Efurd Orchards focuses on fresh vegetables and produce, it offers different items throughout the year. You can stop by to get whatever is in season. April is the month for fresh strawberries and some vegetables. If you love strawberries, you will find the freshest around at the orchard.

You can also get ice cream when you come in April. Consider dropping a few fresh strawberries into your ice cream to make it even better. You will have a sweet treat to remember if you combine the two.

By the time mid-May hits, you can get some peaches. The orchard is known for providing fresh and delicious peaches, and they are upping their game by planting more peach trees. They just planted 5,000 additional peach trees, so when those finally bloom, the orchard will have peaches as far as the eye can see.

The orchard also has pumpkins, apples, sweet potatoes, plums, blackberries, and more. Go during the right season and you can get your favorite fruit or vegetable.

Mild Winter? No Problem

The mild winter might make you think that the orchard was hit hard, but it has announced that the crops are looking good. They made it through the winter and the orchard is ready to serve you. Be sure to stop by if you want to get some fresh items.

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