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Toyota RAV4 Oil Type

2021 Toyota RAV4 models on the road

The best way to get the most out of owning your Toyota RAV4 is by sticking to your SUV’s regular service schedule. The services performed at each appointment vary, but our technicians will look over the tires, battery, and fluid levels as we perform an oil change every six months or 5,000 miles. It’s vitally important to use the right type of motor oil when you get your oil changed. Otherwise, your Toyota RAV4 won’t run as effectively on Texarkana, TX and Longview, TX roads.



So, what is the recommended Toyota RAV4 oil type? For peak performance, the manufacturer and our team highly recommend SAE 0W-20 or SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil. We highly suggest Toyota’s specific brand of motor oil because it’s specially formulated for the automaker’s engines. 

This is the standard for many new Toyota RAV4 models. However, older model years may have different oil standards. It’s always best to check your owner’s manual or vehicle information screen to see what oil your exact model, trim, and year requires. The service team at Toyota of Mt. Pleasant has more information on the Toyota RAV4 oil type with our guide. Keep reading to get all the details!

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil for Your RAV4: What’s the Difference?

The best Toyota RAV4 oil type for your SUV is full synthetic, but what exactly does this mean? Synthetic and conventional (or “regular”) oils may look the same, but there are some important distinctions between the two types. They’re both petroleum-based, but synthetic oil has undergone further chemical refinement to make it as effective and long-lasting as possible. This refinement means that synthetic oil tends to be more expensive, but since you’re bringing your vehicle in for an oil change less frequently. You can actually save money over the long term with full synthetic oil changes. Synthetic oil also performs better at higher temperatures, which makes it better for tough, high-performance vehicles like the RAV4 and during scorching-hot TX summers!

When Should You Change Your Toyota RAV4’s Oil?

As stated, synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, so you won’t be coming in for a Toyota RAV4 oil change in Mt. Pleasant quite as often. Although exact service intervals vary, you’ll bring your RAV4 in every 5,000 miles and every six months for an oil change. If your car runs on conventional oil, you’re usually coming in every 3,000 miles and three months. You can check your owner’s manual for more specific service intervals, or you can contact our service center and we’ll let you know!

Schedule Your Toyota RAV4 Oil Change in Mt. Pleasant

Is your Toyota RAV4 ready for its next oil change? Stop by our place and we’ll take care of you! You might be able to save even more money with our service specials. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call (888) 570-3818 to talk to a member of our service center near Paris, TX. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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