Stop by for Lunch at One of These Mt. Pleasant Restaurants

June 9th, 2017 by

If you’ve had one too many boring lunches, it’s time to mix things up by hitting up one of the top Mt. Pleasant restaurants. Forget about the chain places that serve the same food from one state to the next. Hit up a local establishment and chow down on the best food in the area.

Mt. Pleasant Burgers and Fries

What’s in a name? The restaurant’s specialty is when it comes to Mt. Pleasant Burgers and Fries. That’s right. This place is known for its burger and fries. This will likely be the best burger you’ve ever had, even if you’ve spent top dollar for some “fancy” burgers at other places. The burgers aren’t just good. They are huge with a capital H. Expect to take some home unless you come incredibly hungry.

Oh, and the fries are nothing to turn your nose up at, either. Use the extra seasoning on the table to season them up even more. You can eat some complementary pinto beans while you wait on your burger. They are really good, but don’t fill up on them. You will have enough food to feed a small army in just a bit.

Round Eye Sushi Guy

You don’t need to go to the big city to get the best sushi you’ve ever had. They have it in Mt. Pleasant at Round Eye Sushi Guy. This sushi is honestly right up there with the sushi you would get if you were in Japan. You’re going to have a lot of menu options if you go here, so what should you get? If you like spicy food, go with the spicy tuna. It doesn’t just claim to be spicy. It really is. Otherwise, you can get any type of roll you want, and you won’t be disappointed. Do you know what will disappoint you, though? You’ll definitely be disappointed if you forget to get the kamikaze rice. It is the best kamikaze rice you will ever eat, hands down.

Outlaw’s BBQ

Are you more of a barbecue type person? You can get your fill at Outlaw’s BBQ, where you will find authentic Texas-style barbecue. It has a lot of great choices, but it is really known for its sandwiches and sides. The sandwiches are huge, so you will likely have some left over, especially if you get the potato salad. You will have a hard time putting the potato salad off to the side long enough to pick your sandwich back up.

Once your belly is full, you will be ready to go out and explore the rest of Mt. Pleasant. Start with a trip to Toyota of Mt. Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. With your new wheels moving you forward, you can go from on adventure to the next.

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