Get Ready for Some Summer Fun at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library

June 12th, 2017 by

It’s summer in the city. The kids are out of school, and mom and dad might even take a few days off to enjoy fun activities and sunshine. Now, you have a big question. Where to go and what to do? Check out a few standout local activities at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library so you can hit the gas on the fun this summer.

Reading Clubs for the Kiddos

You know your kids read during the school year, but that can change when the last bell rings. They put down their school books and pick up their iPads and their phones. Screens are fine, but make sure they have a few books on them to get them through the summer. Incentivize the fun with a reading club at the library. Here’s the deal. These clubs are really fun and loose so your kiddos will enjoy reading books and magazines. Kids also get cool prizes. If your kids love ice cream and pizza, they will certainly burn through some books and magazines to get those treats.

Summer Fun Kick-Off Celebration

Balloon animals? Check. Crafts? Double check. How about special activities? Make that a triple check. The library’s Summer Fun Kick-Off Celebration takes place on June 13, and it is full of family-friendly activities. Every party needs a star, and this one has Komi Pop the Clown. He is known for his magic tricks and balloon creations, so expect your kids to be inspired by this fun clown.

Family Game Days

Remember back in the old days when you used to play board games with your mom and dad? Now, those infamous screens have replaced the old-school games. The library is bringing them back with Family Game Days on June 24 and July 8. You will be treated to an assortment of card and board games. There will even be scavenger hunts. These won’t be like the old day scavenger hunts when you knocked on strangers’ doors and asked for items. Instead, they will be safe and in a controlled environment. It will be all of the fun you used to have without the danger.

Yoga for Kids

Do you want the kids to have something to do, but you don’t have time to attend? If so, Yoga for Kids is right up your alley. It takes place at 9 a.m. every Wednesday. Why take your kids to yoga? First, it helps them manage stress. (Yes, kids can get stressed, too!) It also helps them build concentration and increase their flexibility.

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