Visit and Get Fresh Fruit at Greer Farm

June 19th, 2017 by

City life is full of sounds. There are honking horns and kids playing. There is music coming from stereos and engines roaring. At times, those sounds provide comfort, but sometimes, you need to get away from it all and relax. When you feel the need to get out of the noisy city, it’s time to head to Greer Farm, where you can enjoy peace and quiet while loading up on fresh fruit. You can give your body much-needed nutrients while giving your mind much-needed peace and quiet.

Picking Fruit at Greer Farm

You don’t just buy fruit off the shelf at Greer Farm. You can actually get a bucket and pick it yourself. June is a great time to go if you want blackberries and blueberries. They are perfectly ripe in June so you can load up all month long. You can get pounds and pounds of them during a single trip. With thousands of blueberry and blackberry plants, there is hardly a shortage of berries when you go to the farm.

You are going to be a little warm when you go picking in June, though. You will want to cool off, so consider renting a cabin right on the farm. Renters have access to the lake, so you can take a dip after a day full of picking. There is a dock that you can jump off right into the lake. This is a ton of fun for the entire family and is one of the highlights of the farm.

Then, when you go back to your cabin, you will enjoy a lot of privacy. The cabins are spread out, so you will get a real taste of country living. At the same time, you will have everything you need in one spot. You can munch on the fruit you picked while watching cable TV. You can also make a meal with all of the cooking gear provided. Consider taking some of those freshly cooked blackberries and making a pie. You could quickly become the most popular person at camp when you put it outside to cool.

Traveling with a Baby?

If you’re going to stay the night with a baby at Greer Farm, you need to do a little bit of planning. While you’ll have pretty much everything you need, there isn’t a bathtub. There’s only a shower. If your little one can’t take showers yet, bring a tub along with you.

The farm will be fun, but it won’t take up your entire weekend. Use the rest of your time wisely by going to Toyota of Mt. Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The team makes the car-buying process a breeze. They work to get you in and out quickly so you will be in your new ride in no time at all.

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